NovaTV APK Download for Android [Latest]

NovaTV APK Download for Android [Latest]

One of the Best Alternatives to Terrarium TV, the Nova TV – 

People can now switch to the new android app known as the Nova TV. Now, Nova TV is an alternative to Terrarium TV. Nova TV provides Movies and TV shows. It is one of the best online streaming applications for the year 2020. Presently, Nova TV is providing plenty of good streaming links which is superfast and also high in quality. Nova TV is an android application which provides free streaming of TV shows and movies. The interface of Nova TV is too good which makes this application completely amazing. Like any other streaming app, Nova TV offers all the essential features which are needed in any streaming app. If you are the kind of person who likes to stream good movies and TV series then you should download Nova TV apk in your android and FireStick device. 


There are very good features on Nova TV. So, let’s have a look at some of its great features – 

  • One of the best parts that you will know about the Nova TV is that it mainly supports real debrid, Premiumize me, and also 
  • In Nova TV you will get all the movies and TV shows in HD quality (1080p) and even in 4k. 
  • Another amazingly super feature which it has is that it has super-fast sources which play media contents in seconds. Also, there is no need for buffering. 
  • Nova TV also has subtitles and that too in 220+ languages. 
  • It has an in-built media player for all-in-one media playback. 
  • It also has Chromecast support. 
  • The app will let you do all the streaming in HD.
  • Nova TV will let you pick the categories or genres directly from the home screen. 
  • You will also get trackt sign-in.
  • You can also sign in with real debrid, premium, and other hosters
  • It is a very neat application which is user friendly
  • Nova TV application has a humongous library of movies and TV shows.

Demerits of the Nova TV –

There are some demerits of the Nova TV, which you will know; firstly there is no in-built downloading option, which means that you can only stream the media content and there is no option of downloading the movie or TV shows for offline viewing. If you wish to download the content from Nova TV, then you will require an advanced download manager. You can also download the same from one downloader app. It is also not ad-free. But you can also access the Ad-free version which you can get. And you can also auto-update this app, if you use the ad-free APK. 

Categories to Stream – 

Nova TV app is divided into 2 categories TV shows and movies. You can easily access them whenever you want and play them on the in-built player or external players like VLC or MX Player. It also has a built-in search engine, where you can find any movie or series that you want. You can play the content using a wide range of options also. 

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