HYFYTV APK Download for Android [Latest]

HYFYTV APK Download for Android [Latest]

Stream more than 2000+ Channels through Hyfytv – 

One of the most new and latest TV applications for the year 2020 is Hyfytv. The best part about this hyfytv application is that it covers 2000+ channels and these channels are covered in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and India. Now, there is a reason as to why the Hyfytv is unique, it is because they have a web version. Plus, it has a chrome and Firefox extension. Along with this it also has an android mobile application. One of the reasons as to why it has become so popular in usability is due to the above reasons. Apart from this the buffering also doesn’t take much time. 

Hyfytv has become popular for Indian language users as it has a wide range of channels from Bangladesh, India, etc. What hyfytv does is that it uses web scrapers to find links for the Live TV channels globally and then it feeds the link through the dashboard, which allows easy access wide range of channels. Hyfytv doesn’t host its own content. They simply function as a live content library. Hyfytv’s movies mobile application will work only on the android. It is enhanced for desktop browsers but not for mobile. You will face no problem in using hyfytv in Chrome or firefox. In order to allow hyfytv to work on your browser you should download the CRX file and allow the developer mode in the browser extension page. After it is installed, you can reload the hyfytv website. 


There are some very good features of the hyfytv. Some of them are as follows – 

  • You will get more than 2000 channels with hyfytv. 
  • There are also live TV 1 and 2 sections in the hyfytv. 
  • In hyfytv, you can search for plenty of movies.
  • There are many TV shows that you can stream in the hyfytv. 
  • You will also get premium TV channels 
  • There is also a video on demand that you will get through the hyfytv. 
  • It also supports radio
  • There is a web and application version which you will get in the hyfytv. 

Merits of Hyfytv –

In Hyfytv you get a very good range of channels. Hyfytv is a free streaming application apart from the adverts. There is a web version in hyfytv which makes the hyfytv widely accessible due to which it becomes very easy to watch the TV anywhere in the world. For many channels, hyfytv is very stable. It also has helpful websites and also consists of the FAQ section. There is an easy to use mobile interface. You will also get Indian Language channels.

Issues – 

Now, as is the merits, so are the negative issues also that have come up with the hyfytv. In the Live TV 1 section, there is a lack of connectivity that is reported. It is also recommended that you use this with a VPN, or else websites or channels may be blocked. There are also certain issues regarding location tracking. For safe use, it is recommended that the users download the application from official website. 


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